an IDE for the Go programming language
Back in 2009, when the Go programming language was first announced, I was exploring the idea of writing a low level language myself. Not because I wanted to write a language, but because I was tired of Java and C++ at the time. I was absolutely ecstatic to learn about Go and found its announcement to be serendipitous. As I fell in love with the language, I wondered how I could convince my colleagues to pick up the language as well. Being good enough to convince colleagues to use Go was the original goal of GoClipse. Most of the engineers I worked with at the time used Eclipse for the majority of their software development.

Today, GoClipse is used by thousands of developers around the world, and has been referenced in numerous books and presentations. As for myself, I no longer spend time working on GoClipse; the project is currrently maintained by Bruno Medeiros for which I am grateful.

You can visit the project page at: