a general purpose editor for Linux and OS X
I've resurrected an idea I had awhile back while developing GoClipse regarding a simplified development environment. I've gotten tired of Eclipse and large IDEs over the years. The obvious benefit is that it can be built to suit my needs. To the right is a picture of the first display prototype. The idea is to integrate a console directly into the development workflow. For a lot of people, they already work like this. Gedit has a terminal plugin that gets you partly to the place I want to go. Unlike Gedit, however, I would like the rest of the environment to react to the commands run on the command line. Thus, if I build a java project, the environment should have a way to register a command output parser with the terminal. The parsers could then drive error notifications, file navigation, tree markings etc. The user should be able to control what is attached and running. The environment itself should be easy to configure; such that it can become anything to anybody.

This project is geared towards satisfying my own taste. It is opinionated and personal. I may choose to share it, but for now I will keep the code private and show occasional progress via this page.